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Phenotypic Screens

The genome of Zebrafish and humans share 70% of protein-coding genes of which 84% counterparts are associated with human diseases. Decades of research work has shown the plausibility of zebrafish modeling human genetic diseases, cancers, and infections. With modern techniques, we will create the Phenotype in zebrafish and perform assays. Our services will be useful for those who wish to experimentally validate phenotypes of predicted mutation.

Toxicity Assessment

Zebrafish is an excellent toxicity assessment model for a simple molecule like salt to complex material like nanomaterials. Short and long-term drug tests, ADMET properties of the test compound, comprehensive toxicity analysis and stand alone toxicity assessments. Investigations can be customized as per specific requirement of the customer.

Projects and Training 

We at GenoPhe strongly believe in learning through doing. We welcome students to perform projects as a part of their academic curriculum. Those students who wish to enhance their skills in toxicity assessment and developmental biology we will be offering Basic and Advanced training programmes. Details will be updated later.

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