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Phenotypic Screens

Small is the new Big when it allows target validation to hit confirmation in short time, lesser amount with high reliability of readouts. We have zebrafish platforms to screen therapeutics for diseases of great concern: diabetes, cardiovascular disease, neurological disorders and cancer. Our zebrafish infectious disease platform allows screening of therapeutics, antimicrobials and vaccines. 

To know more about phenotypic screens, write to us!

Pipetting Samples and Test Tube
Baby's Grasp

Rare Disease Avatars

​Limited knowledge of a rare mutation and consequent pathophysiology is the first hurdle in the pursuit for a therapeutic molecule. We take up this challenge to establish genetic change in zebrafish and correlate the emerging phenotype, precisely Avatars.  

We intend these Avatars to be that glimmer of Hope for parents and doctors. 

To know more about Avatars, write to us!

Risk Assessment

Zebrafish is an excellent model to eliminate high risk compounds and molecules early in product development. We perform OECD as well as customised tests for: 

  • Drug discovery toxicology

  • Systems toxicology

  • Genotoxicity

  • Developmental toxicity

  • Chemical toxicity

  • Nutraceuticals

  • Nano-toxicity

  • Agro-chemicals

  • Water samples

and more...

To know more about risk assessments, write to us!

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